The Team

There are MANY people involved with every project to ensure our quality is met from initial order to delivery. When you contact our Headquarters you will be greeted by a member of our Leadership Team! 

Susan Strauss, Owner/Founder & CEO

Susan is known nationally for her leadership, vision, and engineer-minded approach to all creative aspects and logistics. Susan graduated from Baylor University in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art.  With a strong will to succeed at every project and always up for a challenge, she began traveling the world planning corporate destination events and meetings all over the globe. From New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, LA, Prague, London, Paris and Spain to many more, this small town Texas girl could handle just about anything, in any location. Her normal day consisted of managing over 2,000 attendees and 21 staff, therefore; her mastermind of logistics is an art form in itself. Susan also developed a graphic arts department and transformed the visual experience for each attendee. Teaching her process to her collegaues enabled the entire company to grow and empowered non-artists to create powerful travel documents and invitations to enhance their programs.

Quick successes and a personal experience led her to explore her passion for paper and design to minister to the stressed out bride. Not satisfied with the invitation options and lack of personality, she pursued her dreams of entrepreneurship and building a creative arts company in 2005 that would service clients in a way that would create true client/business relationships and satisfaction unseen by the industry, thus; Simply Personal was created.  Developing the six core commitments (value, service, integrity, innovation, embracing challenges and teamwork) as the foundation to Simply Personal, she has created an organization with the reputation of going above and beyond while keeping the client at the forefront of every decision.

Susan is a Certified Wedding Planner who is known for her creativity, organization, strong listening skills and overall care for the bride, the bride’s wishes, and the family. Bringing so much psychology into a project such as gives this company the extra edge of knowing what the bride really needs and desires.

Cydney Liberman
Executive Assistant & Junior Designer

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Cydney Liberman is a passionate, detail-oriented designer who loves to be challenged on a daily basis. Cydney joined the team at Simply Personal shortly after graduating from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and a minor in Business Administration, and in the fall of 2015, she will be attending the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas to expand her knowledge in business management and marketing. Cydney is an organized, detail-oriented person, who can multi-task and communicate with others extremely well. Always eager to learn and enthusiastic about trouble-shooting, she enjoys solving problems in unique, innovative ways. Cydney always listens and constantly strives to give her colleagues and clients what they want or need.

Cydney is very spontaneous and enjoys learning new things everyday. In fact, she will jump at any given opportunity that would allow her to travel the world and make new memories with her family and friends. The following quote by John Maxwell describes Cydney Liberman's work ethic and attitude on a daily basis: “Come ready to play every day – no matter how they feel, what kind of circumstances they face, or how difficult they expect the game to be.”