Matrix Master Class

Matrix Master Curriculum

Including the Matrix Master Class into your Simply Personal investment will be well worth it! Our goal is to equip you to be knowledgeable about the paper and stationery industry so you can run successful paperie consultations. We've seen the material in this class expand our partners' knowledge and creativity as they better serve their clients! Sign up today! 
We will conduct each session individually. You will be mailed samples if the session requires it. During your first session we will discuss the pace in which you learn. Some choose to do all 6 in one week, 1 a week or 1 a month. The goal is to learn quickly and effectively so that you can be confident in front of your client. Remember, the more confident you are the more comfortable your client feels with entrusting her dollars to you. 
Here's what the class includes:

Session 1: Industry basics: Paper and printing
Session 2: Simply Personal Products: Design Matrix tutorial/ placing orders through the site, how to customize
Session 3: Simply Personal Products: Custom Orders, how to place, things that can be done
Session 4: Invitation Sales: Running consultations, studio space set up, communicating with the Bride, follow up
Session 5: Marketing yourself: secrets- Bridal shows, upselling, tips and tricks on working with brides
Session 6: Branding; how we can help you revamp your visual id

Winter 2014 Matrix Master Class Enrollment

Your Instructor: 
Courtney Richter, 
Vice President of Operations and Training