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All material, – including text, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, content forms and other materials – are the intellectual property of and owned, controlled, and licensed by SIMPLY PERSONAL, LLC {SP}.

INVOICING:  PARTNERS receive wholesale pricing on TURN-KEY-PRODUCTION orders. On Design MATRIX orders, your discount will apply to the Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP). A wholesale invoice will be provided to PARTNER at time of order. Payment is due when the order is approved. Actual shipping amount will be billed at the completion of project.

Communicating the below expectations, terms and conditions
to the customer is the responsibility of the PARTNER.

QUOTES are good for 30 days. Use the quote in your portal. It includes your sales tax and estimated standard UPS domestic shipping.  We have listed expectations and terms on the quote for your protection. If you choose to not use our quote format, you are responsible for ensuring your client understands our terms.

PRICING: PARTNERS can select their own pricing OR use our suggested pricing.

MINIMUM: Minimum order is $150 to receive wholesale pricing. If order is under $150 (wholesale) partner will receive 10% discount. 

PROOFING PROCESS: Please ensure all content is correct before submitting to Simply Personal to avoid additional time needed prior to production. You can print the ONLINE PREVIEW for your customers to show final content. Customers will receive a FINAL PDF PROOF for each item. Any changes and specific instructions need to be communicated to Simply Personal directly on each proof and emailed to your Project Manager. Please do not include content changes in the body of an email. Quantities CAN change at this time. Once FINAL approval is received quantities CANNOT change. SHIPPING will be billed on actual at the completion of the entire order. PARTNER is responsible for approval - even if client signs, the PARTNER is responsible for accuracy.

  • FINAL PDF PROOFS will be emailed to Partner within 1-2 business days of order.
  • Colors and papers will be true to the order details submitted to Simply Personal by the PARTNER but may appear different on the computer screen due to the nature of computer monitors.
  • Proofs must be completely final and ready to print when approved.
  • Please review your proofs carefully - Simply Personal is not responsible for any errors that are approved.
  • The proofs submitted for final approval will be used to print or prepped for *print ready files.
  • No additional charges for multiple proofs.
  • Sign and date final proofs and check “OK, AS IS, PROCEED TO PRODUCTION” box.
  • Simply Personal must receive signed and dated copies of each item ordered as shown in the proofs to move forward with production. No exceptions.

*PRINT READY FILES: {Available for select Phase 3 Items only} Print ready files are to be used for the purpose of the intended project and should not be duplicated or modified for any other purpose outside of its original intent.  Files should not be given to customer. Any violation of this will be subject to PARTNER dismissal with a $500 fine plus remaining monthly fees to complete contract. Simply Personal will provide PDF print ready files upon approval of artwork. After this point, Simply Personal is not responsible for color variation of PDF or quality control when printed elsewhere. PARTNER is responsible for best production of items.

TURN-KEY PRODUCTION: Typical turnaround times can vary by amount of custom design involved and upgrades, i.e. custom maps and/or custom papers, personalized escort cards, pocket folders or embellishments.

For Design MATRIX orders you can expect the following once approval is received:

  • Flat Printing (1-2 Colors): 5 - 7 business days
  • Full Coverage printing, journals, magnets and napkins: 7-10 days
  • Thermography: 10 - 14 business days
  • Luxury Printing (Letterpress, Foil Stamping): 20 - 28 business days
  • Custom add-ons: 21+ business days

Production time begins the following business day. RUSH Orders Available: $$ Fees will apply

We have made every effort to display product colors as accurately as possible. However,

  • Colors on screen vary from monitor to monitor and may vary from actual printed pieces and also shift with the various paper used.
  • For letterpress printing, ink saturation may shift from piece to piece adding to the uniqueness of each page.
  • We do not suggest mixing printing methods as there will be color variation between the methods.

ENVELOPE ADDRESSING/DATA: Perfection is very important to us when it comes to your customer’s guest list. Please have them follow these instructions to eliminate errors and reprints:

  1. Please submit only ONE envelope addressing excel file to Simply Personal using our template. It is imperative that the list is in our format. Content will be printed as appears in excel file, including missing information, abbreviations, or superfluous punctuation. Download the correct file in your dashboard under the RESOURCES tab.
  2. We suggest YOU proof the list prior to sending to Simply Personal.
  3. If your customer has ordered single envelopes - please fill in only the first three columns.
  4. Helpful hints are on the top of the excel file.
  5. Customers will receive ONE proof with their name and address to approve.
  6. Customers will receive ONE proof for the seating poster with all guest names and table assignments.
  7. Customers will receive ONE proof with ONE name for escort cards and place cards.

RUSH ORDERS: Rush orders are possible, but PLEASE email our studio at info@simplypersonal.com prior to promising this to your Customer. We cannot accommodate all rush orders during specific months and busy seasons, but we will certainly try. Rush fee will apply.

SHIPPING (within the US): All orders will be shipped to PARTNER. PARTNER shall be responsible for thoroughly inspecting the products within five (5) days of receipt of shipment, and shall inform Simply Personal of any issues or concerns within five (5) days of receipt. If order is mailed to guests, the order is proven 'accepted' by customer and the partner will lose the option to inspect and notify Simply Personal of any issues or concerns. All drop-shipped orders to customers will incur an additional $15 fee for administrative paperwork along with increase in residential shipping.

Simply Personal shall not in any way be responsible for any issues discovered more than five (5) days after receipt of the products, whether or not the responsibility of Simply Personal or due to shipment.

RETURNS, CANCELLATIONS & EXCHANGES: If Design MATRIX orders are canceled after initial proofs have been sent and before proof approval, a fee of $50 per item will apply. Orders are sent to production the next business day after we receive approval. All orders canceled AFTER proof approval will be billed in full, no exceptions. Due to the nature of our product, we cannot accept returns. We make every effort to ensure that each product is proofed, re-proofed and packed perfectly, so that no damages are incurred during printing and/or shipment. We will correct, at no cost, any mistakes caused by our own error as long as order is shipped to PARTNER. If order is requested to drop-ship to customer, PARTNER loses this option.

If custom orders are canceled prior to proof approval, the partner is responsible for full payment of any custom design time incurred.

CUSTOM ORDERS: Any item that is not in our Design MATRIX is considered a custom order. Brainstorm with your Project Manager and receive custom quotes for your turn-key custom order. All Custom orders created inside our Creative Department are turn-key only; all custom orders are 10% commissionable. This is the only department that will communicate with your customer on your behalf. If order is placed directly from one of your customers, we will send you a 10% commission check. If order is handled by you we will apply a 10% discount. All custom orders will be charged a 50% nonrefundable deposit to begin design process. Final payment is due upon approval and shipping will be billed after project is complete.

BRANDING & MARKETING MATERIALS: Contact your Project Manager to discuss solutions for Bridal Shows, logo design, business cards and any other design services or paper solution for your company. Pricing will be discussed and agreed upon before designs or proofs are submitted to you.

PRIVACY: We do not share or sell your information to any third party and all information gathered is held in strict confidentiality.

DELAY: Simply Personal shall not be liable for delays in performance caused by act of God, fire or other casualty, accident, strike, shortage of labor or materials, customs, governmental action or other cause beyond Simply Personal’s reasonable control.

The website information overrides any data you have previously received.