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Can I change something about the order once it’s been submitted?

Possibly, but please call our office immediately at 972-386-8000 to discuss options. It all depends on where in the process your order is. If the order has already been approved then the order cannot be changed. 

My customer has a particular PMS color/shade in mind, so how does that work?

We are positively perky about Pantones, so matching a specific PMS color is no problem! The charge is $40 for this custom service. We love fabric and paint swatches for reference, so send them to us by mail or high-res photo and we’ll match! In your portal, use the ADD-ONs menu when placing an order to indicate that you have a PMS color we need to work with.

When I personalize an item in the portal, some wording does not fit on the page. Can you fix this?

That’s an easy fix! Type all content in and one of our fabulous designers will make it look perfect. Feel free to add any comments so we know exactly what you and your customer have in mind. This service is complimentary so give us as many deets as possible!

Can a customer add backing to a skinny or square invitation?

Absolutely! We love our metallic paper hues so any chance we get to work with them is awesome. Add $1.05 per invite to the retail price and please also note that the actual invitation size will decrease by 0.25”, which may affect some text spacing.

Are the Escort and Place cards blank?

Depends if you order them Blank or Personalized. Blank cards have just the design and blank lines for you to finish them in calligraphy. Personalized cards include the design and we personalize the guest name(s) on each one to look perfect!

Will I get samples of what my customer ordered?

Heck yeah you will! We want you to be able to brag on the swag you created, so we include a complete set with each item in the order for you to add to your sample kit.

My customer would like to take a sample. Should I give her mine?

No, we can send a sample of his/her very own. Since we create each order for a specific client, we don’t always have certain colors and designs readily available, but we will create a sample for $15 design/setup fee plus $5 to produce each item. For $3, we will send an in-house sample in a color or design that closely matches what your customer is interested in. You will receive an invoice for this upon shipment. Give us the deets here.

Can two different printing methods be used together?

Yes they can, but we need to make a disclaimer; Because the printing methods vary so much, the same color ink might appear to be a different shade from flat printing to thermography to letterpress. As a general rule, we strongly discourage mixing printing methods. Please contact us to discuss options and we will be happy to advise the best method based on your vision.

When are you launching cool new patterns?

We look forward to unveiling brand spankin’ new patterns several times a year. Send us your ideas and we’ll add them to our design discussion. Follow us (Twitter/FB/Instagram) to get the latest updates. New designs will be automatically added to your portal as they become available.

How do you handle order mistakes?

We do our very best to avoid them! We want your order to be gorgeous! The Simply Personal team is happy to fix any mistake that you feel was due to our error. Please send an email to (and snap a quick pic as well so we know how to fix the issue!). Remember, you must do this within 5 days of receipt and if you ship to your customer directly then you lose this option. Refer to our Terms and Conditions.