Simply Personal offers 4 different printing methods: Flat Printing, ThermographyLetterpress and Foil Stamping.  Every design in our Design Matrix can be printed in any color and any printing method. Having all these options enables you to choose the right printing method for the look or budget that is right for you.

STANDARD Printing Methods


Premium Press is a flat, digital printing method on 110lb white or ivory stock. It is a beautiful and cost effective option with a fast turn around time. 

Endless color options on your favorite paper!


Thermography is a gorgeous raised printing method, intended to mimic engraving. A resin powder is added to the top of the offset printing to create a raised effect. 

Available in classic 1 COLOR or elegant 2 COLOR(s) on MATTE or METALLIC papers!


LUXURY Printing Methods


An offset printing method, and one of the oldest printing methods; ink is applied to an inverse metal plate and presssed into the paper to give greater visual definition. As a result, a trademark impression, or "bruise" is left on the back of the piece. Best used to achieve classic or vintage style, saturation may vary from piece to piece adding to the uniqueness of letterpress, works best with 100% cotton papers, impression visible on the back of the piece. 


An offset process very similar to letterpress, but the plates does not leave an impression on the page. Opaque colors and foils are used with this printing method. Best used for 1-2 colors projects, great for tone on tone projects, greata for metallic colors, dark/colored papers. 


"I got so many compliments on my beautiful wedding invitations and they truly set the tone for the event. Thank you for being so amazing to work with. They turned out far better than I ever imagined....they were perfect." ~ Shanan Huerta Koschak, Dallas, TX

"My invitations were one of my favorite parts of my wedding. I had looked at several over-sized, generic invitation books where the only things you could change were the bride & groom's names. I wanted something that incorporated my wedding colors, as well as depicted the "simple, but elegant" look I was shooting for. I found Simply Personal through a college friend, and decided to look into their more unique, custom-made invitations online. They had a perfect design... exactly what I wanted! And not only were they amazingly talented and professional in their work, Simply Personal also was VERY respectful of our wedding budget. They gave us specific options for color choices and different types of paper/printing that would best fit within our finances. I was so impressed with Simply Personal! We didn't feel pressured to spend more than we wanted, and we received beautiful, personal invitations. I would HIGHLY recommend this vendor to anyone looking for invitations to be proud of!"  ~ Amber,  Wake Forest, NC